8 Common Mistakes To Avoid With All-On-4 Dental Implants

Do you need to replace your entire set of teeth with all on four dental implants? If that is the case, then this will sound simply amazing for you as you can restore all your teeth without having to worry about wearing those uncomfortable dentures all the time. Before you begin looking for the most lucrative deal to undergo all on 4 dental implants treatment, talk to your dental surgeon and know if you are the right candidate to undergo the procedure.

Nowadays, lots of people are opting for all-on-4 dental implants, but not all of them are making informed decisions in this regard. Let us discuss about the 8 most common mistakes to avoid with all-on-4 dental implants.

  1. Not getting quality work from an implant dentist – All on 4 is one of the most complicated dental surgical procedures these days. There seem to be a huge difference between performing the treatment and doing it properly.

All on 4 has gained immense popularity as several new dentists are trying to begin a lucrative career with this procedure. Besides that, experienced dentists who already have some experience with oral surgeries are trying to get into this dental practice. This has resulted in the market already saturated with people who have completed a handful of all on 4 surgeries to be the primary treatment in their office.

The important thing to consider is that all on 4 implants is a surgery that bears some risks with it. Now, if the dentist who is performing the surgery does not have much experience, then you are at risk.

  1. Not knowing if you qualify for more than 4 implants – Though all on 4 dental implants in London are considered to be an amazing tool for many people, restoring the complete set of teeth on 4 implants is not the “go to” full arch implants option. Rather, this procedure is suitable for just a small fraction of cases.

They are also known as a “Fixed Zirconia Bridge” or “Fixed Hybrid Bridge” restoration that uses 6-8 traditional implants for supporting a bridge on which the dental prosthetic is placed.

  1. Not everyone is suitable for all on 4 dental implants – All on 4 implants is not a one-size-fits-all option. In fact, there are considered to be the best option if you have sufficient bone in the front jaw, you want to have the implants soon and you do not have sufficient bone in the molars.

Bone volume has a vital role when it comes to your eligibility for the treatment. If you complete the treatment without sufficient jawbone, the implants cannot fuse properly in their place and provide complete support.

  1. Not confirming and researching the brand of the implants

Many people feel great pride for purchasing generic brands for items to save their money. This is a great practice for different things like grocery items and several medications. Sometimes, you do not pay for a brand name but you pay for the reliability, longevity, history and quality assurance that the brand brings with it.

You will find different types of dental implants in the market and generic brand implants are risky for two reasons:

  • Uncertainty of the quality of the implant.
  • Uncertainty of the longevity of the company chosen.

If the dental implant is inserted properly, then it will last for a long time. But if you need to get it replaced, then a brand name will probably have a stable enmity that ensures to provide warranty in future.

  1. Assume to get back your lost teeth within a day – You will go through advertisement hoardings that claim to restore your lost teeth in a day. The promise may seem to be simple as well as attractive for your eyes. There is a possibility with all on 4 implants that you will find only selected candidates that can perform the procedure. If you want to qualify for load implants, then you should have sufficient bone volume.
  2. Assuming to extract all your teeth and start again – Every dentist will tell you the same thing as nothing can beat natural teeth in your mouth. Dental implants are usually the next best thing when it comes to replacing your missing or lost teeth. Your artificial teeth will give you the look, feel and function of your natural ones that allow you to bite and chew foods properly.
  3. Use teeth prematurely after the first surgery – If you consider yourself lucky and believe that you can restore your teeth in a day, that is great, however, we don’t recommend that you rush into using them as your natural teeth right away as they too need sufficient time to heal completely.

One important factor for all on 4 implants is “osseointegration” so that the bones around the implant grow and set properly in place. This is a slow process that requires several months to end even after performing the implant surgery. The crucial period is the first 6 weeks when you should not put extreme pressure on the implants.

  1. Not shopping around and comparing between the prices – After following the previous steps, you will find someone who has already undergone the all on four implants treatment. The dentist will tell you about the cost for all on 4 implants before starting with the procedure.

It is quite common for buyers to become emotional and spontaneous when considering expensive items. But it is also possible to get the work done at an inexpensive rate without compromising on quality. You just have to shop around and compare between the prices that other dentists charge for the treatment.

It is advised to consult with your dental surgeon when you are looking to get your missing teeth replaced with same day teeth in London. Do not forget to ask your dentist if you have any questions related to the procedure. Thus, you do not have to wait for another day to improve your overall appearance and gorgeous smile with all on 4 implants treatment. This way, you can improve your level of confidence and enjoy social gatherings and celebrations like before.