Dental crowns strengthen and protect your natural teeth if they have been damaged, broken or weakened by decay.

At Fitzroy Dental Practice, our dentists prepare crowns made of various materials including ceramics. These blend discreetly with the colour of your natural tooth and are virtually undetectable.

A crown is a restorative dental treatment with various functions including:

  • Strengthening a damaged tooth
  • Protecting a tooth from further damage
  • Protecting a tooth after root canal treatment
  • Supporting traditional dental bridges

Each dental crown is individually made for you and fitted to last. We take impressions of the natural teeth, enabling our laboratory technicians to form the exact shape and size of crown you need. After the crown has been securely fitted, it can only be removed by a dental expert and provides an effective solution to the problem of lost teeth. The dentist carefully prepares the affected tooth before the crown is cemented into place.

With a proper oral hygiene regime, dental crowns can last for several years.


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