Dental Examination£55 (excluding x-rays)
X-ray£15 each
Emergency Appointment£85
Detailed Treatment Planning, Records, Photographs, Dental ReportsFrom £50
Hygiene: Basic (30 mins)£75
Hygiene: Including Prophy (45 mins)£90
Composite FillingFrom £180
Smart amalgam removal per quadrant£180
Composite BondingFrom £220
Home Teeth Whitening£350
Advanced Home Teeth Whitening£550
In-Office/On-Chair Teeth Whitening£890
Icon White Spot TreatmentFrom £200
Porcelain Bonded to Metal CrownsFrom £750
Zirconia CrownFrom £850
E-Max/Lithium Disilicate Crown/OnlayFrom £850
VeneersFrom £1100
Bridge (Adhesive/Resin Bonded/Conventional)From £800
Acrylic DenturesFrom £750
Chrome Metal DenturesFrom £950
Root Canal Treatment Consultation (RCT)£70 (including x-rays)
RCT (Incisor + Cainine)From £635
RCT (Pre-Molars)From £745
RCT (Molars)From £835
Re-root Canal Treatment (in addition to the Root Canal Treatment)£150
Core Build-up£345
Simple ExtractionFrom £150
Complex ExtractionFrom £200
Wisdom Tooth ExtractionFrom £250
Acrylic Night Guard£250
Sports Mouth Guard£180
Michigan Splint£750
Essex Retainer£150 (per arch)
Fixed Bonded Wire Retainer£180 (per arch)
Clear Aligner Treatment Planning£360
Clear Aligner TreatmentFrom £2500