Dental fillings protect teeth damaged by decay. These are a suitable option for patients of all ages and most adults will have at least one filling in their lifetime.

A filling is applied directly to the affected tooth, sealing the hole or cavity and preserving the health of the tooth.

Fillings are made from various materials including precious metal, ceramic or porcelain. Metallic fillings are strong, resilient and ideal for back teeth, while white fillings are generally used towards the front of the mouth to blend in discreetly with the natural teeth, keeping your smile looking flawless.


Poor oral hygiene and a lack of adequate brushing and flossing can lead to cavities or small holes forming in the dental enamel. This is because plaque can build up on the teeth, allowing the acid within it to eat away at dental enamel causing tiny cavities that need to be filled.

If these cavities get deeper, your teeth and gums become more vulnerable to infection; the affected tooth suffers further damage and your overall oral health deteriorates. To avoid fillings, we recommend a thorough daily home care routine and regular hygiene appointments at Fitzroy Dental Practice.

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