Phillips Zoom Whitespeed is a fast, effective, dentist-supervised whitening treatment which lightens the tooth colour by several shades.

We recommend at least three visits to Fitzroy Dental Practice to derive the full benefits of this light-activated whitening system.

The treatment includes a thorough clean of your teeth and custom-made whitening trays to fit them perfectly. Your dentist will protect your gums from the effects of the whitening solution before starting the procedure. The trays will then be filled with whitening serum and fitted over your teeth before the light is used to activate the whitening treatment.


Many people notice a difference after just one treatment but we recommend at least three visits for long-lasting, noticeable results. We also offer Zoom whitening home kits to keep your new smile bright and white.

For more information or to book your teeth whitening consultation, please click here or call 02073873317.