Dental sedation allows anxious patients to undergo all types of dental procedures in a calmer, more relaxed state.

At Fitzroy Dental Practice, we offer sedation to all patients needing additional support during their procedures. This allows our dentists to work gently and carefully while patients remain awake in a comfortable, stress-free environment.

Local anaesthetic is applied to the area requiring treatment and numbs any sensation. We also offer intravenous sedation, administered by injection into the hand, which allows patients to remain awake during their treatment but dulls their memory of the procedure. If you choose dental sedation, we will carefully investigate your medical history to make sure this is a suitable treatment for you.

Sedation is completely safe and we are highly experienced in providing it to patients of all ages.

If you are having sedation, please attend the practice with someone who can care for you over the next few hours.

For more information call us on 02073873317 or to book an appointment, please click here.