Every tooth contains a delicate, complex structure of soft tissue and nerves. If a tooth becomes infected, immediate  treatment is crucial to restore the health of your tooth and gums.

Root canal treatment is a form of endodontic therapy which focuses on the internal structures of your tooth. Symptoms of an endodontic infection include swelling, general dental pain, sensitivity when chewing and/or an abscess.

During root canal therapy, the dentist opens the affected tooth and carefully clears the infection from the dental root/pulp using tiny files. Once the infection has been cleared, the affected tooth may need a crown to protect the internal structures from further infection. Root canal treatment generally requires two or three visits.


Causes of root infections include:

  • Enamel weakened by decay
  • ‘Leaky’ fillings
  • Teeth damaged by accident or trauma

If the outer shell or enamel of a tooth is damaged by a cavity or fracture, the internal structures become more vulnerable to infection.

We offer comfortable root canal treatments using local anaesthetic.

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