White fillings protect and strengthen teeth that have been damaged by decay. They blend undetectably into your natural teeth.

Made from ceramic or porcelain, white fillings do their job without affecting the look or function of the teeth.

They are applied directly to the affected tooth, sealing the hole or cavity that has been formed by the acid within the plaque. The treatment restores your teeth  to health.


Poor oral hygiene and inadequate brushing and flossing may cause cavities or small holes in your dental enamel. This is because plaque is deposited on your teeth and the acid within it eats away at the enamel, producing cavities.

If these cavities deepen, your teeth and gums become highly vulnerable to infection that will damage the teeth and affect your oral health. You can prevent fillings by adopting a thorough daily routine of cleaning and flossing and by visiting Fitzroy Dental Practice for regular hygiene appointments.


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